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Is there a limit to naughtiness?

3 Responses to “Is there a limit to naughtiness?”

  1. This is TOO funny. I can only imagine things like this are what’s to come for me. Although, maybe two girls won’t get into this much trouble 🙂

  2. Glad the boys did not get hurt, must have been slippery, could have fallen and broken something. Good that you have the proof in pictures because as they get older they will have no rememberance of this. Good to use the pictures to keep in front of them as a warning. We love them very much and we know you do too and that you have already forgiven them of their lack of judgement. Could you call what they did a sin? Guess so since they disobeyed but they sure had fun while they were disobeying.

    Love all four of you, Mom and Dad

  3. We can relate to the both of you! We had a situation a couple days before we moved out of my in-laws house. Ethan some how got a hold of a red permanant marker and went around the house while he was supposed to be in the bathroom (i was down in the basement getting things ready to move out) and he went around coloring things. He colored my in-laws dogs all over his face, body and paws. He marked up the sliding glass door, the fire place, the carpet and the sofa. I didn’t take pictures and I should have to remind him in the future but I didn’t. The worse part is that he lied about doing it!! So that was a VERY naughty time for Ethan. Good thing is everything came off ok. We have been in our place now for a week and a half and have seen a big change in his behavior!

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